Monday, June 06, 2005

A Pathetic Creature's View Of It's Universe

Our human experiences tell us that we seem to live in a 3 spatial dimensions universe. But some physics theories include additional spatial dimensions. Not only that, some experiments also showed that we are in fact living in a higher physical dimensions universe than we think. I have been wondering how does a high dimensional world look like for a long time but I just couldn't imagine. I always like to think myself as a pathetic creature in a curved flatland who tries to figure out how does a 3D universe looks like while other 3D creatures laugh at my foolishness. Maybe I will never ever know how does a high spatial dimensions universe looks like but I think I do have some clues about it. This idea comes from imagining myself as a flatland creature.

We all should know the shadow of a 3 spatial dimensions object on a flatland (who doesn't know...) for which we can think as a cube's shadow on a paper where the paper has length and width but NO thickness at all. Hence, the same way, I think we can imagine the shadow of a 4 spatial dimensions object in a 3 spatial dimensions universe. I have sketched them out in the picture below.

That is only the shadow of a 4 spatial dimensions object, Mathematics favor String theories with 10, 11 and 26 physical dimensions! I really hope I will have the chance to see someone shows an equation explaining the universe we are living, no matter a simple or a complex equation.


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