Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Other Milesian

You maybe wondering who is the other Milesian. Well its me. My name is Ruben, and it was my friend Choy's idea to start this blog after we overheard two of our esteemed colleagues trying (quite unsuccessfully) to disprove the theory of evolution. This blog will contain all our interests and philosophisings. Since we are thinkers, we decided it is better to put down and share our thoughts somewhere instead of letting them fade away into nothingness.

I too remember that day when our colleague said that if you shake a rock long enough, nothing will happen. I think I know what he meant. Maybe he meant that in order for anything to change so drastically until it becomes another thing entirely, a superior being like God has to intervene. This kind of thinking should be classified as pure laziness. If someone cannot explain or understand how the many forms and variations of life came about, he just says, "God's work" and leaves it as that. He is too lazy to think of a proper explanation and try to understand the universe better. The theory of evolution may be just a theory, but its definitely far better and more solid than saying God made it happen. And besides, the Uncertainty Principle proves that all the air in a room can exist at only one corner in that room if given a long enough time. So if my esteemed colleague were to shake his rock long enough, all the matter in that rock will exist, for a fleeting moment, in just one part of the rock's volume.

So come back here in the future for more interesting articles on this universe and everything within it.



Anonymous Choy said...

I have been waiting for your article for a long time. Anyway, good point mate! I think you just described how the behavior of the people in our society. When they come across something they got no explanation, they will jump to the conclusion that it's the work of god. That's the reason why I said all these unreason beliefs are pushing us into darkness.

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