Thursday, July 07, 2005

This Week's Historic Event

A historic event that happened in the world this week was definitely the NASA’s success crater crashing into Comet Tempel 1 which is more than 130 million km away from our earth at a relative speed of 37,000 km/h. The aim of the mission was to gain new information on the Solar System’s original composition and perhaps even how life emerged in our corner of the Universe. I think this event is comparable to landing human on the moon.

"We hit it just exactly where we wanted to," said an overjoyed Dr Don Yeomans, a Nasa mission scientist. The mission needed high accuracy for which one mission scientist said it was like one bullet hitting another bullet with a third bullet exactly in position to see it all happen.

The projectile was able to make last-minute course corrections whilst at the same time taking its own pictures of the oncoming target.

“The mission also gives scientists some information about how they might one day stop a comet if one threatens Earth -- but they would need a far larger strike to make a significant dent in turning a comet off-course”, A'Hearn said.

I learnt all these information from CNN and BBC NEWS. But my opinion is beside gaining information on the Solar System’s original compositions, how life emerged and changing the course of a comet that threatens earth. It is a demonstration to the rest of the world that United States is one BIG step ahead in information warfare. Read the lines which I typed in bold again and you will understand. Switch the target of the mission from Comet Tempel 1 to the Global Positioning Satellite or spy satellite, it will be a far more trivial mission. United States can easily threaten their enemies in information warfare whenever they declare a war.

As I mentioned in my ‘Star Wars’ post - “the American / World military are adding more and more similar like weapons to their arsenals lately”, this is no question another new Star Wars like weapon. I think we are going to watch Star Wars 4 live in the future, good for the Star Wars fans as you guys don’t need to go to the crowded cinema next time, just raise your head and stare to the sky!



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