Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Funny Malaysia

Guess everybody should feel the pain of the RM0.30 increase in fuel price. Well, I am not going to comment anything politically about that but I just felt very funny when reading the news. Why? Ok, I will show you why...

See, for people who have stayed in Malaysia for some time will know that the government talk bullshits all the time. I mean we are used to things like these:

"whatever savings the Government could make from this increase would be channelled towards making the public transport sector more efficient. " which can be translated into "The government is damn broke now, you guys take care of yourselves, I am not any better than you, I just changed my order of S500 to S350"


“Hopefully, the people can adjust to the new price and change the way they use fuel”, can be translated into the golden line "There is nothing you people can do, just accept it, or else leave this country"


“The increase this time is 30 sen. But we won’t be raising fuel prices again this year because we understand businesses need to plan for the long term and need this stability.”

Can you believe something like this came out of the mouth of our Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister? In order to say that, he must have assumed all the Malaysians are extremely bad in Mathematics, anyone who went to high school would prefer the government to raise the petrol price several times a year in a smaller amount each time (i.e 10 sen every 4 months) than 30 sen a year.

When they are going to stop? Malaysia government has been famous lately for many scandals, and now, they are humiliating the public by assuming we are all retards who cannot count by saying low quality words like that...... Where is our future?!?!?!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

friggin malaysia is brankrupt of ideas

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