Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Am I a Coward?

I was like usual having dinner with my Korean friend about a week ago before he went back to Korea for Christmas. I can’t remember for what reasons, we talked about fighting. He is a hot tempered person although his face doesn’t show that. Plus his 2.5 years in Korean Special Forces and his well built body definitely made him a strong man who can fight. Unlike him, I am much weaker and never really fight in my life, although I am a hot tempered person sometimes.

We agreed that in order to start a fight, you must be right in the first place. However, as we talked and we came to this point which we didn’t agree with each other. He said that when you fight, you must play fair. 1 on 1. No weapons allowed. You fight because you are bullied by others and you have to fight back to show that you are right, no matter the opponent is stronger or weaker. OK… here is it. This is where I didn’t agree with him.

I told him, for me, fighting is divided into 2. First, I fight because I am attacked, without ready for the attack earlier. In this case, I have no choice but to fight to defend myself. If it is possible, defeat the opponent, if not run. Second, which means I am the one who starts the fight. I am the one who attacks. I told him that, if I want to start a fight, that means I have to win. If I can’t win, I do not start a fight. I start a fight because I have planned, everything is in my control, I will beat the hell out of the bastard(s) who bullied me. Also, if necessary, gathering more people or carrying weapons are ok for me.

Korean friend: “You are not a man, you are a coward. How can you attack quietly? Carrying weapons and gathering people…...”
Me: “Why not? If I fight, I have to win. Otherwise why should I fight?”
Korean friend: “Then you will not fight as you will not have time to plan normally. You will only avoid since you are weaker and your way of thinking”
Me: “Of course I do not fight normally, who wants to fight?”

Perhaps I am weak, so I see fighting seriously. About whether I am a man or a coward? I do not think if I get whacked will make me looks like a man or hero. If you are going to play fair, like my friend said, 1 on 1, no weapon, no attack quietly… then tell me, how you are going to fight if your opponent is Mike Tyson? If like my friend said, then there will be only 2 outcomes. 1st, you get whacked and end up thinking you are a man in the hospital. 2nd, you let him bully you and keep quiet. For which I think it’s the act of coward too. So why not let there be a 3rd outcome? How do you fight with someone stronger? Plan your fight or grab a weapon! By doing this you can turn your stronger opponent into the weaker one. What is the most effective way of defeating your opponent? SURPRISE ATTACK! I seriously can’t find a better way than this.

If you think about it more, even heroes we are familiar with do not fight with bare hands with stronger opponents, so why should I?



Anonymous fighead said...

I agree. It's either war, or a sport. There aint no referee in a street fight. And you have no reason to think the other person is going to follow certain rules. If you go into a violent situation like that, you will probably loose badly. On the other hand, I suppose you could challenge someone to a duel.

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