Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The God Particle

This is just something for you to read while waiting for our next post (if it will ever come). This God Particle is called the Higgs-Boson particle. It is a hypothetical particle that is said to be the reason why stuff acquires mass. Mass is basically a resistance to change in motion, or as some may call it, inertia. When reading the articles, I was reminded of the old theory of space being filled with a substance called ether, which was made up to try and explain how light and other electromagnetic energy could propagate through the apparent vacuum of space. It also reminded me of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the Cassini effect, where a measurable force occurs between two metal plates due to particles and anti-particles suddenly appearing and annihilating each other randomly. This could be seen as analogous to this "ether" substance. (Mr. Choy should have something to say about this, as he is more learned in electromagnetic propagation and wave theory than me).

A good read, thanks to some physicists who came up with short and simple explanations.




Anonymous Choy said...

Sorry, I never heard of God Particle before. For the Uncertainty Principle and Casimir Effect you talked about, they tell us that there shouldn't' be 0 fluctuation in a field (any field, EM field, gravitational field), even in vacuum (where particle and anti-particle come in).

8:17 pm  
Anonymous Ruben said...

Yes yes. thats right

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Choy said...

And sorry again, I added the html but then the URL dissapeared... so just let it be like this until we found out the way... haha... a Physicist and a Mechanical engineer can't solve a html problem... what a shame!!

8:31 pm  
Anonymous Ruben said...

I asked the computer scientist, and he did it. The only use so far for that monkey.

12:00 pm  
Anonymous Choy said...

He was hired to write a website ok? Don't play play...

1:44 am  
Anonymous Choy said...

I don't really have anything to say about the Higgs-Boson particles, as this is a PhD level question. Sorry about that Ruben, but if there is a seminar about the existing of mass going on here, I will attend that and write you a summary.

1:48 am  
Anonymous Ruben said...

Yes please do

12:50 pm  
Blogger beard_confidence said...

No really a Physics type, but I have done some philosophy and this 'God Particle' stuff is applicable to many kinds of scientific discorse. If at anypoint in a discussion you need to rely on faith or belief without evidence you are relying on a God Particle or God concept. I was in discussion with a supposed athiest who had this major 'God problem' - he had a belief that consciousness and the human brain is not understandable by same said brain/consciousness. He was not able to explain WHY it was not understandable but was unshakable in his belief that it was not.

Thought I would drop in my 2 pence
Sorry about my spelling,

1:34 am  
Anonymous Choy said...

That is interesting, if they can't explain why, why not just stop there and say 'don't know' instead of adding 'god' to it. Cos 'god' is equivalent to the same answer 'don't know'!

8:38 am  

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