Friday, August 12, 2005

Malaysians told to pray for rain (What the...)

I read this from the BBC News which I think is funny and feel ashamed.

“Malaysia's Muslim community has been asked to pray for rain to lift the smog that has enveloped the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and surrounding areas. The request came from the country's prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a day after he declared an emergency in two areas worst affected by the haze.”

Is there any non Malaysian who is reading my blog here? Please tell me what you would feel if your country’s leader made that speech, ok? I am just curious to know…

Indonesia’s failure to prevent slash and burn of its own forests causing serious damage to the health and the economy of the Malaysians. This ‘gift’ from our special neighbour is not something new, in fact it happens annually, just that the haze this year is the worst after 1997 and 1998.

Ok so what we have done so far? On Thursday, ministers from both countries agreed a three-point plan under which Malaysia will help to put out thousands of fires sweeping across Sumatra. Today, Malaysia’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister and Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister are having further talks with the Indonesians in Medan. (Why not the Indonesians come to KL to have talks with us? So they can see and smell for themselves the damage they have done to our country.)

I am just wondering if the haze is not from Indonesia, but our neighbours from the north or south, will the Malaysian government act so gentle? I still remember when the Thailand armed forces stormed the mosque and killed the Islamic terrorists in their own country about 1-2 years ago, Malaysia had big response. I think our country was not even in the state of emergency that time. Why today, I only see demonstration done by opposition party, why only opposition party demand compensation from Indonesia? Is it because of the haze that’s why I can’t see others.

Indonesians burn their forests at our expense every year. They damage our health and cause billions of loss to our economy every year. I don’t think Malaysian government and ASEAN can solve this problem. Talks have been proven useless, no word on when to stop farmers from island slashing and forest burning by the Indonesian government.

If pray can help, then I think Mr. Abdullah shouldn’t pray for rain as this cannot solve the problem, the haze will come back again next year. He should pray for the haze to hit Singapore, I mean very badly. Then I think a solution to the problem will be found, and the haze will not come again next year. What do you think?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I think to ask Muslims pray for rain is not a miracle. If you notice, the Muslims always pray for no-rain on special occassion. According to past record, it does work.:-P...although it sounds ridiculous. And I think it works this time too as we had a heavy rain last night :).
Anyway, let's hope that the haze will gone forever and never visit!~


7:09 pm  
Blogger Modern Milesian said...

I'm glad there's no more haze in KL, heard it moved to the north. I really hope thing will happen like what you said Miickey, the haze will go forever and never visit, but I think it is unlikely to happen...

Ha... for the pray... I am not sure, but you know what, I predicted correctly every year that the haze would hit Malaysia so far without the help of any scientific theory or mathematics. But I didn't know that this year is the worst cos like what I said in one of my previous posts, uncertainty principle and black holes don't allow me to predict that :D

12:47 am  
Blogger Modern Milesian said...

The latest news about the open burning in Indonesia! Indonesian government said that most of the forest fires were caused by the Malaysian businessmen who invested in Indonesia. And u know what, the Chinese newspaper I read put this title, "Malaysians created the trouble themselves"

This is what I want to say to the Indonesian government. If really the fires caused by some immoral Malaysian businessmen, then move your ass and order your police to GET them and BRING them to the court!!! Show us their faces and punish them! Why are you telling us all these? What do you think your country's police force is for?

6:29 pm  

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