Friday, August 26, 2005

Men are more intelligent than women

Hi guys, I just found out another interesting research although I think we do not really need to spend time and money to discover that. Any guy/man has a relationship with girl/woman before would have noticed that. It is again, about WOMEN. Oh but wait... perhaps this would be the tool for men to keep the women quiet when the women try to make some stupid arguments.

Men are more likely to win Nobel prizes and achieve excellence simply because they are more intelligent than women, an outspoken male academic has claimed.

Richard Lynn, the emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University, argues that men have larger brains and higher IQs than women, to such an extent that they are better suited to "tasks of high complexity".

His study is due to be published with Paul Irwing, a senior lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester University, in the British Journal of Psychology in November. He said that men not only have larger brains but also have higher IQs, on average by about 5 points, than women.
This means more men than women have high IQs and the authors claim this means men are more likely to win Nobel prizes and make scientific discoveries, according to The Times Higher Education Supplement.

The professor has caused outrage in the past with claims that white people are more intelligent than blacks and that criminal traits are genetically inherited.

Dr Irwing said he had initially been reluctant to take part in the study, arguing that he would have personally preferred not to have discovered that men had a biological advantage.

I noticed something from last sentence... Dr Irwing is really a wise man no question, he knew the result before the study!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am speechless with the research :W because it is a conclusion / result that out from a very high-tech and tedious reserch. Some how, would like to share a story I read b4 by 'Ni Kuang' (Ngai Hong), a HKee author. May b u have read this?

There was this scientist couples, they had won many prizes for thier research and were highly respected in the Scientific field because of their contribution to Sciene. They decided to change Human genetic where decide the charateristic of a Man, good nor bad. So, they kidnapped a teenage-gangster who tried to rob them. They changed this boy's gen according to their own genetic.After they found that the boy had exactly the same gen as these couple, they freed this boy
and let him stayed wif them to observe him. Finally, they were both killed by this boy w/o knowing why?!
The authour conclusion was they were both thought that they had the 'good characteristic gen' so they changed the boy's gen alike with them. They din realise that, this 2 high-edu ppl are worse than the gangster.

just to share with u my story and this story impress me.


4:19 pm  
Anonymous Choy said...

I never read the story before... I don't read science fiction books or novels. I only like to know ideas or theories from scientists or people who have done lots of works to get the results. I like to listen to ideas from imagination but not something cannot be tested, at least it has to be shown possible by Mathematics.

I have other conclusions for the story.

1. highly educated ppl doesn't mean they have high morality, history shown that.

2. the 2 scientists' experiment was a failure, they made mistake in the process.

4:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hhahah...agreed on ur 1st point (as u said history has hown, so no doubt) and 2nd point....may b *-)


6:51 pm  
Anonymous Choy said...

By the way, you got a blog miickey?

8:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have finished reading all your your blog of "Star Wars", few words had summarised what I learnt for 2 semesters in the Campus, "cold war" & "nuclear race". :P my lecturer must b very sad as he took 2 whole sems to teach us and u summarised only into 2 paragraphs..hahhaha :D

hmmm...yeah I just started to blog last Fri..but...not mature enough to show the Public yet >.>


1:54 pm  
Anonymous Choy said...

Well, remember to let us know your blog when you think it's the time!

9:20 pm  

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