Sunday, September 04, 2005

Is It Worth It?

I read this news from BBC with the title ‘Malaysia risks row with Thailand’ and I think that is perfect to prove the point I made in my post called ‘Malaysians told to pray for rain (What the…)’. Here is what I said in that post:

“I am just wondering if the haze is not from Indonesia, but our neighbours from the north or south, will the Malaysian government act so gentle? I still remember when the Thailand armed forces stormed the mosque and killed the Islamic terrorists in their own country about 1-2 years ago, Malaysia had big response. I think our country was not even in the state of emergency that time.”

Ok now let’s briefly talk about the news from BBC.

“Malaysia has said it will not immediately deport 131 Thai Muslims who have fled across the border due to violence in southern Thailand.”

“He said he had spoken to Thai Foreign Minister Kantathi Suphamongkhon about reports that the 131 arrivals were afraid to go home because of the violence.”

"He has told me there is no truth [in the reports]. I'll be trying to get reports of our own to see what exactly is happening," Syed Hamid said.

“In Bangkok, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said on Friday that some members of the group who had crossed into Malaysia were Islamic separatists.”

See? Remember the damages that the haze brought to our country? How did our government react? And now, the Thai side has asked us to send back those Thai people who entered illegally to our country where some of them might be Islamic militants. What did our government say?

"We cannot just chase people away...There is a need for us to do investigation on our side."

Why are we risking row with Thailand by involving in Thailand's national security problem without being asked? Why in a serious matter that threaten the health of millions of Malaysians like illegal slashing and burning of forests in Indonesia, our government acts so gender? If some of the 131 people are Islamic militants. Then we will be the country that provides protection to the terrorists who killed innocent Thai citizens.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is Malaysia's normal policy (talk blind policy). Not surprise to read tt news. When the haze came, we are in NAM (non aligned movement) but when the Thai muslims fight occured, we r dare to giving the Muslims separatist protect and practicing 'justice'.


2:57 pm  

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